Zelenskyy to make his case to G7 leaders

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will take the opportunity on the final day of the G7 summit on Sunday to make another appeal for help. Japanese officials have announced that he is planning to address world leaders virtually, at least for now.

Zelenskyy will not need to remind his allies of what Ukrainians are facing. Residents in Kyiv had enjoyed a stretch of relative calm but have come under repeated assaults. Air defenses across the country on Thursday managed to intercept most of the 30 missiles fired in the latest volley. However, some Russian shells still found their mark.

Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesperson Andrii Kovalev said, "Civilians were affected. Private homes and some infrastructure were either destroyed or damaged."

Zelenskyy has promised to launch a counteroffensive. However, he says his forces need more time. Troops in the eastern battleground of Bakhmut have already recaptured some territory. They are believed to have killed or wounded tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. They have also heard the mercenaries who are fighting alongside regular Russian troops complain they are running out of ammunition.