Joko to give perspective of 'Global South' at G7 summit

Indonesia is one of eight guest nations at the Group of Seven summit underway in Hiroshima, western Japan. The country's president, Joko Widodo, said before leaving for Japan that not only voices of major powers, but also those of emerging and developing countries should be heard.

He said, "We will bring voices from the Global South. The point is developing countries must be listened to."

Joko expects to join discussions on topics including climate change and food and energy security.

Indonesia has always called for an equal partnership between the developed and developing world. It has refused to pick sides in the superpower rivalry between the United States and China, and has toughened that neutral stance in recent years.

Indonesia chairs the Association of Southeast Asian Nations this year, and Joko hopes to speak on behalf of the bloc at the summit, including on its efforts to prod Myanmar to implement a peace plan.