Hiroshima citizens react to G7 summit and Zelenskyy's visit to the city

The leaders of the Group of Seven countries visited the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima on Friday, drawing praise from its director. Others in the city voiced expectations over Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's summit appearance.

Director Takigawa Takuo called the G7 visit to his museum very meaningful. He said he wants the leaders to deliver a message that stresses to their citizens the importance of peace.

He said he wants Zelenskyy to visit the museum if his schedule allows.

He said he hopes Zelenskyy will convey the reality of Hiroshima's atomic bombing to the world and support the wishes of its people for the abolition of nuclear weapons and world peace.
One couple in Hiroshima in their 40s said they hope Zelenskyy and G7 leaders will discuss ways to end the war in Ukraine quickly and come up with measures to help Ukrainians.

The couple said the leaders should be able to discuss how to deal with Russia's nuclear threat and how to achieve a nuclear-free world.

A woman in her 60s said she was very surprised at Zelenskyy's decision to come to Japan, considering the current situation in his country. She added she will closely watch what he will say and ask for from the G7 leaders.