EU Council president stresses need to support Ukraine, China's responsibility

President of the European Council Charles Michel has stressed the need to continue supporting Ukraine at the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima.

Michel spoke to reporters on Friday during his second visit to the western Japanese city in a year.

He said that almost 80 years ago in Hiroshima "an immense tragedy took place."

He also said, "It reminds us what we -- as G7 -- are defending. And why we are defending it. Peace and freedom." He added, "That's why we are standing with the people of Ukraine."

Michel went on to say, "In the EU we are working hard to get Ukraine what they need. More weapons. More ammunition. And faster. This will be crucial to its counteroffensive."

He also said the EU is "focused on shutting the door on loopholes" of sanctions against Russia.

On China, the EU Council president stressed that stable and constructive relations with the country are in their mutual interest.

He also said, "Given its role in the international community and the size of its economy, China has a special responsibility in the world. It has to play by international rules. And we call on China to press Russia to stop its military aggression."