G7 leaders visit peace memorial museum in Hiroshima

The Group of Seven leaders have visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for the first time in history.

The leaders spent about 40 minutes at the museum after being greeted by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and his wife Yuko. The leaders were guided by Kishida while viewing the exhibits.

They also met Ogura Keiko, an atomic bomb survivor living in Hiroshima. She has been active in telling people around the world about her experiences, in English.

Former US President Barack Obama visited the museum in 2016.

The G7 leaders laid wreaths at a nearby cenotaph to pay their respects to the victims of the city's atomic bombing. They then listened to Hiroshima Mayor Matsui Kazumi's explanation on the Atomic Bomb Dome, a structure close to the epicenter of the 1945 blast.

They also planted a tree to mark their visit.

Kishida has long hoped to send to the world a strong message from Hiroshima, the first atomic-bombed city, that there must never be another nuclear catastrophe. The summit is being held amid a nuclear threat raised by Russia during its invasion of Ukraine.

Kishida aims to build momentum to promote nuclear disarmament and realize a world without nuclear weapons by having the leaders see how the bombing devastated Hiroshima.