US, China to hold ministerial talks on commerce and trade

A Chinese government source says China's Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo will hold talks next week in Washington.

Wang is scheduled to visit the United States to attend a meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation trade ministers next Thursday and Friday in Detroit.

The source said on Thursday that Wang will also hold talks with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai while in the US.

The source said the meetings will be an opportunity for the two countries to discuss concerns in the fields of economy and trade through bilateral and multilateral channels.

A rift between Washington and Beijing has deepened over such issues as alleged flights of Chinese spy balloons over the US mainland.

But US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and China's top diplomat Wang Yi agreed to continue bilateral dialogue when they met in Vienna last week.

Last month, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stressed that the US will continue its economic engagement with China. She said, "A full separation of our economies would be disastrous for both countries."

Observers are waiting to see whether the meetings planned for next week can lead to a breakthrough in mending the frayed ties.