Rohingya Muslims face humanitarian crisis after Myanmar cyclone

Rohingya Muslims are facing a humanitarian crisis in areas of Myanmar following a devastating cyclone last weekend.

Cyclone Mocha made landfall in western Myanmar on Sunday, causing extensive damage. Violent winds and high waves destroyed many homes.

A state-run newspaper says about 45,000 homes had been confirmed destroyed as of Wednesday. It says military personnel provided rice, drinking water and other supplies in the western state of Rakhine, which has a large Rohingya population.

The pro-democracy National Unity Government, which opposes the military rulers, says the cyclone has left 435 people dead, including Rohingya Muslims. It says the figure is expected to climb.

NHK obtained video shot in a Rakhine village on Wednesday. It shows flattened homes and people building shelters with materials collected from the debris.

A villager said residents had lost everything, and would run out of food in three to five days. He added that they were at a loss because they had received no supplies from the military or international organizations.

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been targeted in military crackdowns. UN aid agencies have so far been unable to gain access to the areas they inhabit.