Embassies in China told not to display 'politicized propaganda'

China's Foreign Ministry has notified foreign embassies in the country that they may not display what it calls "politicized propaganda" on the walls of their buildings. The notice is seen as an apparent warning over messages supporting Ukraine.

Informed sources say the notice dated May 10 was addressed to foreign missions and international organizations in Beijing.

The notice is thought to be targeting messages showing solidarity with Ukraine posted at the embassies of Western countries following Russia's invasion of the country.

Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters on Wednesday that based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and relevant agreements, embassies of foreign countries and offices of international organizations in China have a duty to respect Chinese laws and regulations.

In February, the Chinese government issued a document calling on Russia and Ukraine to seek dialogue and a ceasefire. Western nations criticized the document, saying it does not call for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.