Cyclone reportedly kills over 400 people in Myanmar

Residents of Myanmar and Bangladesh are trying to sort through the debris after a cyclone roared through their communities. Those in Myanmar fear hundreds of people may have been killed.

Cyclone Mocha made landfall on Sunday in the western state of Rakhine. Violent winds and heavy rain destroyed steel towers and homes.

The country's junta chief, Min Aung Hlaing, visited affected areas on Monday to inspect damage. The military has not disclosed the extent of the destruction so far.

But the country's pro-democracy National Unity Government or NUG says that more than 400 people died in Rakhine and other areas. These include minority Rohingya Muslims, who are refugees.

The group says the death toll is expected to rise, as the full picture of damage is not yet clear due to impassible roads and power outages.

The cyclone also battered neighboring Bangladesh. About 2,000 houses were destroyed in the south of the country.