G7 summit declaration may include policies to counter Russia's sanctions evasion

The Japanese government is making final arrangements with the other Group of Seven nations to incorporate policies to counter sanctions evasion by Russia into their summit declaration.

One of the focal points of the upcoming G7 Hiroshima Summit will be sanctions against Russia.

In an interview with NHK ahead of the opening of the gathering on Friday, Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio referred to sanctions that have been imposed on Moscow.

Kishida said the sanctions have produced some results, such as a rapid slowdown in Russia's car manufacturing sector and delays in weapons production due to a semiconductor shortage.

But he said some point out that Russia is evading and circumventing sanctions.

Japan, as chair of the summit, hopes to reaffirm cooperation among the G7 and other partners to prevent Russia from evading sanctions and obtaining weapons from third parties.

The Japanese government is also working with the other G7 members to release a document, apart from the leaders' statement, on the importance of actions to promote nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

These include efforts to continue the history of non-use of nuclear weapons, reduce the number of nuclear arms, and urge nuclear powers to be more transparent about their nuclear capabilities.