Kishida expresses his resolve for G7 summit

Japan's prime minister is speaking to NHK ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima. The gathering of world leaders is now just days away. Kishida Fumio says he wants to unite to send a clear message.

He said: "We should make every effort to safeguard and strengthen a free and open international order based on the rule of law. I am determined to convey that strong stance to the world." He stressed that any attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force cannot be tolerated.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is expected to top the agenda at the summit. G7 leaders are facing pressure to do more in response to the fighting.

Kishida said: "I'm aware of concerns that Russia is evading and circumventing sanctions in various ways. We should take coordinated action to make sanctions more effective."

The summit kicks off on Friday in one of only two cities to have ever been hit by an atomic bomb. Kishida wants G7 leaders to reflect on that.

"I hope the summit will be a chance to build momentum for realizing a world without nuclear weapons," Kishida said.

He said he wants the gathering to spur interest by the West to get involved in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region. Kishida added he also wants to send a united message to China amid Beijing's increasing assertiveness.