Ukraine says it downed all 18 missiles in Russian attack on Kyiv, other places

The Ukrainian military says it intercepted intensive Russian airstrikes on the capital Kyiv and other locations on Tuesday.

Ukraine's chief of staff said that the country's air force and air defense systems shot down all 18 missiles fired by Russia.

The Ukrainian military said six aircraft-launched Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and nine Kalibr cruise missiles fired from warships in the Black Sea were among the destroyed weapons. It added that its forces also shot down drones.

These claims appear to indicate that Ukraine's air defense capabilities have been improving, owing to military aid from the United States and European nations.

Authorities in Kyiv said the air strikes were "exceptional" in their density.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on social media that three people were injured in the attacks in the city. He said falling missile debris and explosions damaged vehicles and a building.

In the contested Donetsk town of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, the nation's troops have reportedly launched a counteroffensive.

Britain's defense ministry said on Tuesday that "Wagner Group forces continue to make gradual progress in clearing Ukrainian positions" in the town center.

The ministry continued, "However, over the last four days, Ukrainian forces have made tactical progress."

It explained, "As well as progress to the south of town, Ukrainian assaults have forced back the Russian frontline to the north-west of the town. This has likely enabled Ukrainian forces to re-establish more secure use" of a key supply road.