Nearly all artists concerned about copyright infringements by AI: survey

A survey reveals more than 90 percent of artists and creators in Japan are concerned about copyright infringements by artificial intelligence.

The ongoing online survey by Arts Workers Japan, an association of freelancers engaged in the arts and entertainment world, began May 8.

The association says 25,560 people, including illustrators, voice actors and cartoonists, had responded as of Sunday.

More than 94 percent of respondents said they were concerned about possible copyright infringements by AI.

Over 58 percent were concerned they may lose work to AI.

Many complained about AI's unauthorized use of their works and plagiarism of their art styles.

Some said their manga content was used to train AI software without their permission. Others complained that voice recordings they had released prohibiting secondary use were sold without their authorization as models in AI processing.

More than a quarter of respondents wanted legal restrictions enacted, payments for copyright holders and a ban on the commercial use of AI-generated products.

Actress Morisaki Megumi, who heads the association, says many illustrators have said they are losing work because of AI. She said people should press the government to take action.