Security tightens ahead of G7 summit in Hiroshima starting Friday

Officials in Hiroshima City, western Japan are gearing up for the Group of Seven summit that starts Friday. The city is set to host several world leaders and security is tightening.

Coin-operated lockers at Hiroshima Station were closed off Monday as part of anti-terrorism measures.

One woman who had wanted to use a locker said, "I knew the summit was starting soon, but I didn't think we would lose access to the lockers this early."

Access to the island where the summit's main venue is located is now restricted. Only those with accreditation, including residents, are allowed to enter or leave the area.

One resident said, "I will try to stay home as much as possible during the summit."

Another said, "I hope everything will go smoothly."

The group's leaders are expected to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the situation in the Indo-Pacific. They are also likely to discuss climate change and energy, including assistance to emerging and developing countries collectively known as the Global South.