Kishida calls for speedy assistance to Ukraine

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has instructed officials to come up with assistance unique to Japan to help Ukraine recover from the Russian invasion.

Kishida on Monday attended the first meeting of a new government council to discuss reconstruction assistance for Ukraine.

The prolonged invasion has damaged the social and economic infrastructure of Ukraine. The taskforce, comprised of officials from relevant ministries and agencies has been launched to come up with specific recovery measures.

Kishida said Japan itself has recovered from natural disasters in the past, and its industrial and technical sectors have solid foundation.

He expressed readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, firstly by helping it remove land mines. He said the public and private sectors will join hands to rebuild the country's infrastructure and revive its industries.

The meeting comes just four days before the Group of Seven summit kicks off in Hiroshima on Friday.

The timing indicates the taskforce is part of Kishida's efforts to demonstrate a commitment to leading international efforts to assist Ukraine in its reconstruction.