G7 summit draft declaration to include support for 'Global South'

NHK has learned that the upcoming G7 Hiroshima Summit's draft declaration includes a proposal to offer economic and other assistance to emerging and developing countries in fields such as climate change and energy.

The G7 leaders are expected to discuss relationships with the nations collectively known as the Global South, in addition to the Ukraine crisis and the situation in the Indo-Pacific region. The outcome of their discussions will be published in the summit's declaration.

NHK obtained parts of the draft declaration concerning climate change, environment and energy issues.

The draft calls for the global acceleration of a shift to clean energy in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at the latest.

It says the G7 nations will help developing and emerging countries to shift to a more sustainable circular economy that is resilient against climate change, in diverse and practical ways that fit each country's situation.

The draft also says Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused energy prices to soar, which is having a serious impact on developing nations. It says investment in the natural gas sectors of such nations may be appropriate if that helps them meet their climate change goals.

Japan is planning to support the Global South nations, weighing each country's relationship with Russia and China. The draft reflects Japan's consideration for the diverse situations of countries in the Global South.