White House: Biden and Kishida to meet on Thursday

The White House says President Joe Biden will meet Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio on Thursday ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima.

Biden is scheduled to leave the United States on Wednesday and arrive in Japan on Thursday, one day before the start of the G7 summit.

Biden is currently holding discussions with Congressional leaders, including Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, on raising the US government's debt ceiling to avoid a default.

The Democratic president is calling for Congressional approval for the limit to be raised, but Republican lawmakers are demanding massive spending cuts in exchange.

Biden told reporters on Sunday that he is expected to meet Congressional leaders on Tuesday. Asked whether he would leave for the G7 summit as scheduled, he said, "That's my plan as it stands now."

Biden suggested last Wednesday that he may have to attend the summit virtually depending on how discussions on the debt ceiling progressed.