G7: Digital tech's advances present challenges to education systems

Education ministers from the Group of Seven countries have issued a joint statement hailing the advances in generative AI and other digital technology. They also highlighted the challenges to education systems.

The ministers wrapped up the second day of their discussions in Kanazawa City, on the Sea of Japan coast, on Sunday. The talks were also held in nearby Toyama City.

The statement says the ministers support the universal value of education as the foundation of freedom and peace.

It says the ministers will try to allow all people to receive high-quality education.

The document also says the ministers will promote education merging the use of real and digital elements and create an environment in which information and communications technology, or ICT, can be used more effectively.

Japan's education minister Nagaoka Keiko chaired the talks. She told reporters that the discussions were held with an eye on the pandemic, Ukraine, and the changing educational environment.

She said difficult challenges for individual countries now happen frequently, so the G7 nations and international organizations should work together to support the children around the world.