Anticipation builds in Hiroshima ahead of G7 summit

Anticipation is building in Hiroshima ahead of the G7 leaders' summit starting May 19. Authorities are tightening security, while some residents are keen to further elevate the atomic-bombed city's status as a beacon of world peace.

Police deployed from other parts of the country are patrolling the streets in vehicles. Traffic restrictions will be put in place before, during and after the summit.

Some schools, businesses and factories will be temporarily closed.

One female student told NHK her classes will be held online from May 18-22. Another resident of the southwestern city intends to take time off work because of the transport restrictions.

Security is especially tight around the Peace Memorial Museum, where the G7 leaders are expected to visit.

One local resident said, "I want them to reaffirm the importance of peace, especially in light of the war in Ukraine."

Russia's invasion is expected to top the agenda at the summit. Other topics will likely include the push to reduce the number of nuclear weapons.