N.Korea has applied to send athletes to Asian Games in China, sources say

Informed sources say North Korea has applied to send athletes to the Asian Games. The event will be held in September in eastern China's Hangzhou.

The sources said that as of Friday Pyongyang had filed applications to register dozens of athletes.

North Korea has not sent delegates to international sports events since 2020, when it tightened border controls to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country.

At a general meeting in Pyongyang in March, officials from North Korea's Olympic Committee pledged that they would try to win more medals at international competitions.

North Korea declared victory over the coronavirus last August. It said it had managed to contain infections in three months. No increases in cases have been reported since then.

Observers are waiting to see when Pyongyang will allow cross-border travel to fully resume.

The International Olympic Committee decided to suspend North Korea from Olympic events until the end of 2022, after the country boycotted the Tokyo Games the year before.

North Korea did not participate in the Beijing Games in 2022.