Tulips in bloom at Hokkaido park draw visitors

Tulips of 200 varieties are in full bloom at a well-known park in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park in the town of Yubetsu has about 700,000 of the flowers across 70,000 square meters.

This year, warmer-than-usual weather had the tulips blooming from the start of May, about 10 days earlier than last year.

The park has introduced 32 new types this year, including one named Carpaccio with gorgeous purple petals.

Despite rain on Thursday, visitors walked around the park while others viewed the tulips from electric buses.

A visitor in his 80s who came from Tokyo with his wife said he was glad to be able to visit the park after waiting a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Town officials say the tulips will be in full bloom until around May 20.