Tokyo expo features latest tech using interactive AI

A three-day trade show in Tokyo is featuring some of the latest systems and equipment using the artificial intelligence technologies, like ChatGPT.

About 120 companies and research organizations from Japan and abroad are taking part in NexTech Week 2023.

An IT firm in Tokyo called E9 Technologies has developed a way for shoppers to use ChatGPT.

A character called Atena recommends products and services by answering questions through a tablet screen.
The company hopes the system will be adopted by retailers.

Another firm called Wellvill has come up with a system to help keep an eye on elderly people.

When people converse through a screen, the system analyzes the user's voice for cognitive changes and emotional swings.

Wellvill spokesperson Yamazaki Michiho said, "We are currently providing services mainly for the elderly. But children may talk about worries at school. So we think there's a need for interactive AI for all generations."

The expo's organizer says the introduction of ChatGPT has accelerated the development of interactive AI for nursing care, customer service and office work. NexTech Week 2023 ends on Friday.