Japan working to issue outcome document on global food issues at G7 summit

Japan, the host of the upcoming Group of Seven summit, is arranging for its members and others invited to the summit, such as India, to issue an outcome document on global food issues.

The summit is set to begin on May 19 in Hiroshima, western Japan. The leaders of eight nations outside the G7 framework are also invited, and an extended meeting is to be held with their participation.

In the talks, Japan's government wants the members to discuss food crisis issues against the backdrop of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Japan also plans to issue an outcome document separate from the G7 members' statement.

The document would point to the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on global food security and call for help to restore the country's agriculture industry.

It would also stress the need to diversify global supply chains of food and support boosting of production in developing countries.

An NHK correspondent says Japan apparently aims to strengthen cooperation between G7 member countries and emerging and developing nations collectively known as the Global South, many of which face food crises. India, the current chair of the Group of 20, is seen as a major Global South nation.