UK reveals provision of cruise missiles to Ukraine

Britain's Defence Secretary has revealed that his country is supplying Ukraine with cruise missiles. He stressed their ability to help fight off Russia's invasion.

Ben Wallace told the British parliament on Thursday that the Storm Shadow missile will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces within Ukrainian territory.

He noted that the weapons have a shorter range than the Russian missiles that can fly more than 2,000 kilometers.

Wallace said Russia must recognize that its own actions have led to Britain's provision of the missile to Ukraine.

The Storm Shadow's maker says the air-launched missile has infrared sensors. It says the highly accurate weapon has a range of more than 250 kilometers.

That surpasses the distance capability of rockets the US has said it will provide to Ukraine. Those American weapons have a range of about 150 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told media on Wednesday the country needs more time before launching a counteroffensive against Russia. He said Ukraine is awaiting promised military aid.

He said Ukraine's combat brigades are ready, but the army still needs some things including armored vehicles that are arriving in batches.

The president said Ukraine could go forward with what it already has, but it would lose a lot of people and that is unacceptable.