ASEAN summit in Indonesia wraps up with focus on Myanmar

Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have wrapped up their summit and spent much of the final day focusing on Myanmar's escalating conflicts.

Indonesia, which chaired the talks, stressed that ASEAN will continue to stand together in urging the troubled country to engage in dialogue.

Myanmar's representative was absent from the two-day meeting, as ASEAN has been barring Myanmar junta leaders from its summits and foreign ministers' meetings since 2021.

ASEAN leaders acknowledged the junta has made no progress on the peace plan, known as the Five-Point Consensus. The agreement calls for an immediate halt to violence, and the brokering of dialogue between the junta and pro-democracy groups.

Indonesia has been in contact with both the junta and pro-democracy groups in recent months, but President Joko Widodo said such engagement does not mean endorsement or recognition of any side. He emphasized his intention to continue talking to all sides to push for the peace plan's implementation.

"ASEAN must firmly maintain inclusivity, because ASEAN's credibility is at stake," Joko said at a news conference after the meeting.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi spoke about ASEAN's progress in Myanmar. The group now has access to non-military personnel to conduct surveys on the need for humanitarian aid.