Tokyo robbery suspects may have been recruited online

Tokyo police say four teens suspected of robbing a luxury watch shop in Ginza, Tokyo, may have been recruited online.

Security camera footage from Tokyo's Minato Ward captured the group abandoning the getaway vehicle.

About 6 seconds later, police arrive on the scene. Another camera shows white masks littered around the vehicle.

The van and masks seem to match what was used by the robbers Monday. The group ransacked the store on Ginza's main street for about 2 minutes before escaping in the white van.

The vehicle was a rental, and the license plate had been stolen from Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo.

Footage captured about 18 minutes after the heist appears to show one suspect carrying a black bag.

One suspect tried to escape by climbing the balcony of a condo. All four were arrested for trespassing. Police have yet to lay charges in the robbery.

All of them are residents of Yokohama City near Tokyo, but reportedly told police they did not know each other.

Police say it is possible someone recruited them to carry out the crime.

Investigators say more than 70 wristwatches were stolen, but almost all have been recovered.