'Snow fairy' bird filmed attacking reflection in northern Japan

A bird in Japan's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido has been filmed attacking its own image in a mirror.

The Hokkaido long-tailed tit, or "shimaenaga," is found nowhere else in Japan. The white, fluffy bird is also known as the "snow fairy."

The birds' breeding season is from March through June. Pairs are now busy building their nests.

In mid-April, wildlife photographer Yamamoto Koichi videoed a snow fairy attacking and threatening its reflection in the mirror and window of his car in Kushiro, eastern Hokkaido.

Yamamoto says there was a nest nearby, so the bird was apparently trying to drive a trespasser from its territory.

The long-tailed tits usually live as a group, but they sometimes become aggressive during the breeding season.

Yamamoto says the rare footage shows that the birds are not only cute but are also brave in defending their nests.