Prime Minister Kishida wants Japan to take lead in generative AI regulation

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says Japan, as this year's Group of Seven chair, must take a leadership role in setting global rules for generative artificial intelligence.

Kishida on Thursday attended the first meeting of a new government council on AI strategy. It is tasked with discussing the country's policies on generative AI from the standpoint of promoting its effective use and addressing concerns.

Kishida said generative AI has the potential to bring positive changes to the economy and society, but it also has risks. He said it's important to address both sides of the issue.

He said governments around the world are now trying to work out the right balance between potential and risk.

He said Japan, as the G7 chair, must show leadership in achieving common understanding and establishing rules.
Kishida instructed relevant ministries and agencies to promptly study ways to maximize the potential of generative AI and deal with its risks in wide-ranging areas.

Kishida expressed hope that the discussions and results of the council's meetings will be included in his government's policy package to be compiled in June.

The eight-member council is headed by Matsuo Yutaka, a University of Tokyo graduate school professor who is a leading AI researcher. Other members include a lawyer and corporate leaders.