Saudi Arabia, Syria to resume diplomacy

Saudi Arabia and Syria are to restore diplomatic relations. The two countries said on Tuesday they will send diplomatic delegations to each other.

This comes after the Arab League on Sunday decided to readmit Syria. Its membership was suspended in 2011 after the administration of President Bashar al-Assad cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in the country.

Saudi Arabia says it will invite Assad to an Arab League summit to be held in the country on May 19.

In the Syrian civil war, some Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, backed anti-government forces. But there have been moves to improve relations with Syria as the Assad administration's military victory has become certain with support from Russia and Iran.

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud visited the Syrian capital of Damascus last month to hold talks with Assad.

Meanwhile, the United States has indicated that it will continue economic sanctions on Syria.