Drinks maker develops CO2-absorbing vending machine

A Japanese beverage maker is set to launch a new type of vending machine it hopes will cut its carbon footprint. Asahi Soft Drinks says the device is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

The vending machine makes use of a material that contains calcium and can capture CO2 from within a radius of up to 1 meter. Officials say a single machine will be able to, each year, soak up the same amount of CO2 as 20 cedar trees.

The company says the machine is the first of its kind in the country.

Asahi Soft Drinks is studying ways to use the captured CO2 either to make concrete or fertilizer for businesses and local governments.

Asahi Soft Drinks president Yoneme Taichi said that building a CO2 resource recycling model will contribute to realizing a carbon-free society.

The company plans to put the new vending machine into use on a test basis from June. If all goes according to plan, it will start introducing them across the country next year.