Domestic flight passengers during holiday period up 15% from last year

Japanese airlines say the number of passengers on domestic flights during the recent spring holiday period was up 15 percent from a year ago. Japan Airlines has reported recovery to the pre-pandemic level.

The figures released by 11 firms show that about 2.79 million people used domestic flights during the period from April 29 through May 7.

JAL says its number of passengers is 101 percent of the figure in 2018, before the coronavirus pandemic. All Nippon Airways says its figure is 85 percent of that in 2018.

For international flights, six Japanese airlines say the number of passengers during the holiday season nearly tripled from the same period last year.

But full recovery has not yet been seen in the number of overseas passengers. JAL says its 2023 figure remains at 67 percent of that before the pandemic, while ANA reports 63 percent.

Airlines say demand for domestic flights appears to have recovered almost to the pre-pandemic level, but that for international flights has been affected by sluggish recovery in travel overseas, except for some routes.

As for road traffic, operators of expressways say an average of about 42,000 vehicles used the highways per day during the holiday period, up slightly from last year.

They say traffic has recovered to about 80 percent of the figure in 2019, before the pandemic.