Police in China detain man for using ChatGPT to spread fake news

Chinese police say they have detained a man on suspicion of using ChatGPT to generate fake news about a train crash and disseminating it online.

Police in the province of Gansu say a man from the southern Guangdong Province last month spread false information that nine railway workers had been killed in a train accident in Gansu. They say the man made illegal profits from the fake news.

The man allegedly used the AI chatbot to generate the fake news.

ChatGPT is banned in China, but some Hong Kong media say the AI is accessible through network services which can encrypt communication data.

The media say this was the first detention in China over the use of AI to create fake information.

On Tuesday, the operator of the Chinese version of video-sharing app TikTok released rules banning the use of generative AIs to post videos that would infringe on image and other rights, or to disseminate false rumors.

The Chinese government released draft regulations on the generative AI technology last month as part of its strict restrictions on social media postings.