Tokyo police arrest 4 teenagers in connection with Ginza robbery

Tokyo police have arrested four teenagers, including a high-school student, in connection with a robbery at a luxury watch store in Ginza on Monday evening.

Several masked assailants stormed the store. They threatened to kill the sales clerks with a knife, smashed a showcase and got away with merchandize.

There were five clerks and no customers at the time. No one was hurt. The shop is located along a main street lined with restaurants and designer brand stores.

Police believe the robbery was committed by three people. Investigators say they fled in a rented van that likely had replacement license plates.

Police arrested the four teenagers on Monday night on suspicion of trespassing at a condominium in Akasaka, not far from Ginza. The van was found nearby.

Police say the suspects are aged 16 to 19, and that all are from Yokohama, outside Tokyo.

Investigators suspect more people were involved in the robbery and have received an eyewitness report that two people were waiting in the getaway van.