Fed survey shows banks have tightened lending standards

A survey by the US Federal Reserve shows that domestic banks have tightened their lending standards for businesses and consumers.

The institutions are apparently more cautious on the back of higher interest rates and a recent series of bank failures.

The results are from a poll the Fed conducts every three months on senior loan officers at more than 80 banks.

The survey released Monday is the first since banking jitters emerged in March.

The report shows that nearly half of the institutions say they have raised standards on their business loans.

Lending for offices, store properties and other commercial real estate is also stricter than before.

The cautious stance reflects a trend toward lower rental income from office space as more people are working from home.

The report indicates that individual borrowers are also affected. Terms for many household loans are tougher than before, while demand for consumer borrowing is down.

The report says the banks expect the trend to continue, citing the risk of higher interest rates and deposit outflows.