Ukraine war fallout clouds Putin's May 9 Victory Day speech

There is an air of uneasiness as Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to deliver a speech Tuesday marking the 78th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. Ukrainian forces are poised to launch a major counteroffensive against the Russian invaders.

A military parade is also planned for the Victory Day ceremony in Moscow's Red Square.

Russia celebrates its triumph over the Third Reich on May 9.

The Putin administration has viewed Victory Day as a chance to rally the people and stir up patriotism. But this year's events will take place under unusual circumstances.

The presidential office announced last week that the Kremlin was the target of a drone attack.

More than 20 cities across the country have canceled military parades due to security concerns.

Discord between Russia's military and the Wagner mercenary group has surfaced as Ukraine prepares a counteroffensive bolstered by Western military aid.

In his speech last year, Putin defended his country's invasion of Ukraine. He insisted a clash with what he called "neo-Nazis" backed by the US and its allies was inevitable.

It remains to be seen what Putin will say this year about the invasion and relations with the US.