Talks underway on US $500 mil. arms aid to Taiwan

Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng has revealed that talks are underway on a plan by the United States to send Taiwan 500 million dollars' worth of weapons from its stockpiles.

Chiu was answering a question from an opposition lawmaker at a legislative committee session on Monday about a US media report on the plan.

The minister said the supplies from the US stockpiles are to make up for the delayed deliveries of weapons it has purchased. He suggested that there will be no cost for the weapons.

The US National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2023 authorizes the president to provide arms aid of up to 1 billion dollars to Taiwan as an emergency measure.

Chiu did not say what types of weapons will be provided. But the defense ministry acknowledged that deliveries of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and several other systems are behind schedule.