Philippines to conduct site survey for small nuclear power facility

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has revealed a plan to conduct a site survey with the aim of building the first nuclear energy facility in Southeast Asia.

The presidential office said Marcos had met with officials of nuclear technology firms developing small reactors in Washington by Tuesday. He is in the United States for an official visit from Sunday.

US-based NuScale Power Corporation is developing small module reactors, which are said to generate relatively small amounts of electricity per unit and save costs. Company officials reportedly presented a plan for a site survey.

Marcos and US President Joe Biden agreed in Monday's summit meeting that the Philippines will receive US support in human resources development for nuclear technologies.

The Philippines is struggling with chronic power shortages as its population continues to grow. The country relies on coal-fired power plants, which account for about 60 percent of its power supply.

The Southeast Asian nation is aiming to introduce nuclear power to resolve its energy crisis and reduce the burden on the environment.