Italy lifts temporary ban on ChatGPT

The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT is available again in Italy, after Italian authorities lifted a temporary ban on its use.

Italy's data protection officials said on Friday they would allow the resumption of the generative AI tool.

The authorities temporarily banned ChatGPT last month, saying its accumulation of masses of data to train its AI functions may violate Italian laws on personal information.

The authorities instructed OpenAI, the US startup that developed ChatGPT, to address issues concerning data protection by the end of this month.

On Friday, officials said OpenAI had clarified how the system collects and uses personal information.

They also noted the US firm had introduced stricter age-verification measures to protect children.

The Italian decision may affect global discussions on ChatGPT. Some say the AI tool still lacks measures to protect private information and prevent data leaks.