Chinese, Indian defense chiefs discuss border tensions

The defense ministers of China and India have discussed a border dispute that has left the two countries at odds for years.

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu met his counterpart Rajnath Singh on Thursday in New Delhi.

The dispute centers on a provisional border known as the Line of Actual Control, where tensions have on occasion reached boiling point.

Both sides suffered casualties during a clash in the frontier region of Ladakh in June 2020.

India's defense ministry said Singh told Li that the "development of relations between India and China is premised on the prevalence of peace and tranquility at the borders."

He also accused China of breaching agreements and eroding the basis of bilateral ties.

China's defense ministry quoted Li as saying the two sides share far more common interests than differences.

He also said they should work toward normalizing how they manage the border.

The ministers began their meeting without shaking hands.