20-year-old shogi star Fujii Sota becomes second-ever holder of 6 major titles

Twenty-year-old shogi sensation Fujii Sota has become only the second player in the history of the Japanese board game to hold six major titles.

Fujii clinched the Kio title on Sunday by winning his third victory in the best-of-five series against defending champion Watanabe Akira.

Fujii is now the youngest-ever player to hold six of the eight prestigious titles at the age of 20 years and eight months.

Fujii said after the match that he has many shortcomings when it comes to his shogi style. He added that he has to work harder to play the kind of shogi worthy of a six-title holder.

Fujii is scheduled to face Watanabe again next month in the best-of-seven matches for the Meijin title. If Fujii takes it, he will become the second and youngest-ever player to hold seven major titles.