Los Angeles Angels owner indicates willingness to extend contract with Ohtani

The owner of Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Angels has indicated his willingness to extend the contract with the team's Japanese two-way star Ohtani Shohei.

Ohtani's current contract with the Angels will expire after the 2023 season and he will be eligible for free agent status.

On Saturday, the owner Arte Moreno gave his first interview with reporters in about three years. He revealed that the team has not had any discussions with Ohtani about extending the contract.

But when Moreno was asked by a reporter if he thinks he can make a significant and competitive offer to keep Ohtani, he replied, "I think so."

He said contracts are business but that he will have discussions with Ohtani. He also stressed the importance of a mutual agreement.

US media have reported that a possible extension of the contract with Ohtani could involve 500 million dollars -- a Major League record.

Moreno noted that the Angels have long-term contracts with only two players, Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon, so the team has financial flexibility.

Ohtani said last month that he had not heard anything about his contract as his attention is entirely focused on the 2023 season. He added that his foremost goal is to win the World Series with the Angels.