Sumo's Ozeki Takakeisho withdraws from spring tournament with knee injury

Sumo's lone Ozeki Champion Takakeisho, who hoped to be promoted to the top rank of yokozuna after clinching his third title in the previous tournament in January, dropped out of the spring tournament on Saturday due to an injury to his left knee.

Takakeisho suffered the injury in a bout against rank-and-filer Shodai on the third day of the tournament, but continued to take part with his knee taped while undergoing treatment.

However, on Friday he suffered his third loss against rank-and-filer Mitakeumi.

Takakeisho was diagnosed as having a meniscus injury in his left knee, and withdrew from the tournament on the seventh day on Saturday.

With sole Yokozuna Grand Champion Terunofuji being absent from the tournament, this becomes the first tournament since the Showa Era that started in 1926 to be contested without wrestlers from the top two ranks.