BOJ held over half of Japanese govt. bonds at end of 2022

The Bank of Japan held more than half of the country's government bonds at the end of last year. A quarterly report from the BOJ shows the holdings had grown, as it maintained its low-interest rate policy.

The central bank owned 52 percent of all outstanding long-term bonds. That amounted to 547 trillion yen, or about 4.1 trillion dollars. The number excludes treasury bills for short-term financing.

The BOJ has committed itself to buying unlimited amounts of Japan's sovereign bonds. The aim is to hold down the yield on the benchmark 10-year issue.

The report also lists financial assets held by individuals.

The national total was a record of 2,023 trillion yen, or 15.2 trillion dollars, as of December 31st. The assets include cash savings, securities and insurance policies.

The figure was up 0.4 percent from a year earlier and topped 2,000 trillion yen for the fifth-straight quarter. But the pace of increase slowed from September.

The BOJ says a resumption of economic activities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and rising prices have prompted consumers to spend more and save less.