Expelled lawmaker GaaSyy says he won't return to Japan

Former Japanese lawmaker GaaSyy has denied in a new video that he slandered celebrities, and says he will not return to Japan.

The YouTuber-turned Upper House member was expelled from the chamber on Wednesday for failing to attend any Diet sessions since his election last July. He says he lives in the United Arab Emirates.

Tokyo police have obtained an arrest warrant for the 51-year-old for suspected intimidation. His real name is Higashitani Yoshikazu.

A number of prominent figures have filed criminal complaints against him, saying they were slandered or threatened by him in his videos.

GaaSyy released the new video around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Japan time.

He denied the libel allegations and said he just told the facts. He said he will move to a different location "just in case," and he won't tell anyone where he is going.

He said he has no intention of apologizing for not returning to Japan and not attending Diet sessions. But he said he has no choice but to apologize to the voters who cast their ballots to send him to the Diet.

GaaSyy released another video on Wednesday night.

He said he had planned to return to Japan via South Korea early Tuesday morning to speak before the Upper House disciplinary panel. But he said he changed his mind because he thought the possibility of avoiding expulsion would be low and because his lawyers and friends had advised against the plan.