Mayor of Ukraine's Odesa visits Yokohama, asks for further support

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Odesa, Gennadiy Trukhanov, has visited Yokohama, Japan, and asked for further cooperation to help in the recovery from damage caused by Russia's invasion of his country.

The port cities of Odesa and Yokohama are sister cities. Following the invasion, the Japanese municipality has been sending the Ukrainian city aid, such as winter clothing and water purifiers.

Trukhanov on Thursday met with Yokohama Mayor Yamanaka Takeharu at the city office. The Ukrainian mayor conveyed his gratitude for the city's assistance.

The two mayors signed a memorandum in which they agreed to work together on the restoration of infrastructure and reconstruction in and around Odesa.

Trukhanov said that civilians are being killed in the war. He said the situation is severe not only in Odesa, but also in the entire country, and he is grateful to Yokohama for its support and for being with Odesa.

Yamanaka said the Odesa mayor briefed him on the tough situation in the city. He said Yokohama will continue to support Odesa.