Japan's 10-year cancer survival rate is 53.3%, National Cancer Center says

The latest data released by the National Cancer Center Japan shows the average 10-year survival rate of cancer patients in the country stands at 53.3 percent.

The data covered more than 340,000 patients who were diagnosed with cancer at specialized cancer hospitals and other institutes across the country in 2010. The center analyzed their conditions 10 years after their diagnoses.

By cancer type, the 10-year survival rate of papillary and follicular thyroid cancer patients was the highest at 91.0 percent, followed by prostate cancer patients at 84.3 percent.

The 10-year survival rate of those with female breast cancer stood at 83.1 percent, and the rate for uterine body cancer patients was 79.3 percent.

Pancreatic cancer patients had the lowest rate at 5.4 percent, followed by small cell lung cancer patients with 5.8 percent.

The latest rates were lower than those released in the last study. The National Cancer Center Japan says that from this time, it employed a different calculation method that is used internationally.