New spacesuits for NASA's Artemis moon mission unveiled

A private contractor to the US space agency NASA has unveiled a prototype spacesuit for the Artemis lunar mission.

The spacesuit developed by Axiom Space is designed to give wearers a panoramic view of the lunar surface. The joints of the arms and legs are made with soft material to allow for greater flexibility.

The suit is equipped with lights on the helmet and a life-sustaining device on the back, and features heat- insulating material to cope with extreme temperature fluctuations.

Astronauts wearing the suit will be able to continue their activities for about 8 hours.

The prototype is dark-colored, but Axiom Space says the final version will have a white outer layer to reflect heat.

NASA launched a newly developed unmanned spacecraft last year that successfully test-orbited the moon.

The first Artemis astronauts are scheduled to set foot on the moon in 2025.