Japanese lawmakers comment on GaaSyy expulsion

Japanese lawmakers in the Upper House have commented on Wednesday's expulsion of opposition Seijikajoshi48 Party member GaaSyy from the Diet.

Seko Hiroshige, the governing Liberal Democratic Party's Upper House secretary-general noted that GaaSyy had ignored repeated calls to apologize and had not attended a single Diet session.

He said it is extremely regrettable that the situation has come to this. He said the chamber has clearly expressed its position, almost unanimously.

Tanabu Masayo, secretary-general of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party in the chamber said the expulsion is extremely regrettable, but a matter of course.

Tanabu said GaaSyy's failure to attend the Diet even a single time can only be seen as a total lack of awareness that he was a representative of the people.

She said she sincerely hopes such punishments will never be repeated in the Diet.

Hamada Satoshi, a fellow Seijikajoshi48 Party member of GaaSyy's, said one-sided negative media reports are what formed public opinion and led to his expulsion.

He said he had wanted GaaSyy to keep working as a member of the Diet. He said he wished to apologize to GaaSyy and to voters who supported him for failing to make that happen.