Japan should enact LGBT bill before G7 summit, ruling coalition partner says

The head of Japan's ruling coalition partner says a bill to promote understanding of the LGBT community should be enacted before the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima in May. He said it is embarrassing that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has a negative stance on the bill.

The leader of Komeito, Yamaguchi Natsuo, was speaking to reporters on Tuesday. The party forms the governing coalition along with the LDP.

Ruling and opposition party members have been calling for an early enactment of the legislation. The move comes as Prime Minister Kishida Fumio dismissed one of his aides last month over discriminatory remarks against same-sex couples.

But some LDP lawmakers are opposing the wording in the bill, and discussions by the party are not moving forward.

Yamaguchi said Japan is the only country among the G7 nations that does not have legislation for the LGBT community. He said it is embarrassing for Japan to serve as the G7 chair while the LDP is unwilling to enact the bill.