Public believes Japanese working women hindered by childcare, nursing care: poll

A government poll shows more than 80 percent of respondents believe women in Japan are held back from work because much of their time is taken up by childcare and nursing care.

The Cabinet Office surveyed 5,000 people nationwide from November through January. Over 2,800 people responded.

The results showed that 34 percent agree with the view that the husband should work and the wife should be a homemaker, while 64 percent oppose it.

A total of 84 percent agreed strongly or slightly that one reason women cannot work as much as they hope to is that they spend more time than men on childcare, nursing care and household chores.

The poll also revealed that 60 percent think it is preferable for women to pursue their careers even after they have children.

As for what is needed for men to play a bigger role in childcare, 67 percent of respondents said the understanding of their superiors and co-workers is necessary.